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Breeder: Elena Efryushina
Zheleznogorsk, Krasnoyarsky Krai
Tel mob: +7-960-767-91-06
Tel home: 8(3919) 751875
e-mail: golden-baet@mail.ru

Hello! My name is Elena Efryushina. Let me introduce you to my Sphynx cattery Golden Baet "

I am a breeder of an instructor - breeders. (WCF) Kennel is located in Zheleznogorsk. Registered in WCF (Germany).

Golden Bast - Egyptian goddess cat. Goddess of sun, fun and joy, warmth personified. Considered to be all-seeing and ranked guard in the sun god Ra. Embodied the feminine and maternal qualities: grace, beauty and kindness. Bast was the goddess of fertility, protectress of children, ohranitelnitsey harvest. The houses have kept her statuette, drive away evil spirits. Portrayed as a woman with a head of a cat
Bast (Bast, Bastet - different interpretations of the name), daughter and wife of Sun God RA, the wife of Ptah, the mother Mahesa and Hens.

As the goddess Bast, and Sphynx are in our life joy, happiness, beauty, grace and heartfelt warmth.